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WTS Healthcare

436 Green Street Unit A Portsmouth, VA 23704 7574533228


They meet with most of their Nurses and build personal and caring relationships, they are always available to their Nurses 24/7 for business or personal concerns. ‍WTS is a smaller agency with staffing opportunities for RN, LPN, CNA, RMS, OT & PT disciplines. They have several assessments tests to find the right recruiter for the healthcare professional, and they listen to each professional’s concerns, needs, and expectations. JoAnn Franklin, RN, is their clinical liaison.‍Their benefits include Aflac insurance along with vision and dental.  At this time, they do not have a 401K.    Other insurance includes accident, cancer, life insurance, short-term disability, retirement planning, and healthcare for all employees who are either part-time or full-time.  They also offer bonuses throughout the year to those with outstanding attendance.‍At WTS, you remain their priority from start to finish.  They understand your goals and are mindful of your needs.  They are a family-owned business, and our extended family are our nurses and clients.They are an equal opportunity employer with a motto of “Quality of Quantity.  Choosing them will be a sure decision.”  They have no complaints and are very selective of the facilities they choose to staff.‍