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Ventura MedStaff

11420 Blondo St Suite 103, Omaha, NE 68164 (402) 509-5532


Our founders have always agreed, “People over Profit.” We are a people-centric organization, prioritizing the relationships we can build with travelers to help them in the long term. ‍They are the first and only veteran, nurse, minority, and women-owned company.  No other company shares these distinctively diverse categories combined.  In addition, they offer international travel contracts and domestic travel contracts.  They are a small company that is not publicly traded and have never been purchased by any large company in the industry.  The staff both nationwide and internationally.‍Ventura MedStaff ensures that travelers are not treated as just a number by designing their company with specifically chosen leaders from many of the best companies out there.  They operate with the mantra of "People over Profit."  Their owners, who are all equally influential within the company, agreed when they all stood side by side together that there needed to be a 100% complete travel company in the market that can offer travelers not only what their competitors do but even more, more locations, better pay, different countries to venture to with us proper by your side, fair, open and honest, this is the Ventura MedStaff way!  ‍They are just as happy to be here as their travelers are to land that assignment that they thought was never possible!  Why?  That's simple!  They are doing what the others in their industry said wasn't possible, was too hard for minimal reward, and they are doing it with you, the travelers!  They are Joint Commission certified but do not belong to NATHO.  They have Jamie Feerhusen-Klein as the clinical nurse liaison, available 24/7/365.‍Each recruiter finds their own nurses and is required to do so.  Nurses are never handed off to senior members after being recruited like some companies.  They naturally find people that fit their preferred procedures and way to do business by making this connection.  Each recruiter works in all 50 states domestically, so they don't need to be passed off to anyone ever.  If there ever is a request from a nurse to be switched to a different recruiter, no matter what the reason, their request is immediately granted upon gaining details on the situation and what they want/expect.  They are here for nurses.  They want every nurse to love who they are working for!‍Benefits include Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska for major medical, Guardian for Dental, and Davis Vision for vision needs.  In addition, they offer 401K for all Ventura Medstaff employees, no matter if they are headquarter based or a traveler.  After six months of service, the 401K plan is available to all employees.  They match 100% of the first 3% and then 50% of the next 2% for a 5% match total for all employees.  They also offer Life insurance, a supplemental accident policy, and an additional hospital policy; these policies pay out directly to the traveler to assist with bills.‍What makes them different?  They offer international travel contracts as well as domestic travel contracts.  Furthermore, they also staff, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants, all RN specialties, Allied specialties, Therapy specialties, LPN, and OR Techs.  They have remote recruiters in the field where They love to do meet and greet get together regularly, as well as a home office headquarters for travelers to visit anytime they are in Omaha.  They invite them to see how truly humble and grateful for each and every traveler comes into their lives!‍"At Ventura MedStaff, They pay the nurses the lions share first and upfront, right away! their owners are delighted doing the hard work so that their nurses are paid more and happier than any other company.  They have one of the lowest company overheads possible because of this and can compete with any company by either matching or out paying/out servicing anyone out there!  ‍Give that theory a test, and you will be pleasantly surprised!  They offer $750 per person for referral bonuses, and you do not have to be working for us to get this, so please invite your friends!  Happy Travels!  They want to earn your business by doing things the right way, being transparent, and family-oriented.  You will be a pleased traveler and an integral part of their family once you join the "People over Profit" side of the travel industry!  Welcome to the future!"