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At Triage, they prefer to be real, and that is what separates them from the other agencies you will find. They are realistic about expectations - both theirs and yours. At Triage, they staff all five major acute care divisions, including nursing, laboratory, radiology, cardiopulmonary, and rehab therapy.  ‍They are a privately held medium-sized company with just under 250 employees.  They offer temporary and temp-to-perm assignments in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska. ‍At Triage, they are not into short, transactional relationships – they are in it for the long haul.  There is no song and dance to get your signature on the dotted line, rather a candid conversation about what you want out of your travel career.  Their travelers don't work with different employees for housing, payroll, etc. They believe in cultivating a single source of truth, your recruiter, in making things as hassle-free as possible. They also keep a low recruiter-to-nurse ratio, so your recruiter has time to stay in touch. You can expect to hear from them on the first day of your assignment, the last, and any day in-between. ‍They offer 24/7/365 access to clinical liaisons who can solve any issue you have whenever it happens. They are both Joint Commission Certified and associate members of NATHO.  The nurse/recruiter relationship is the "secret sauce" to their success and the travel nurse's success. Glance at any Triage reviews online, and you'll quickly see it's why nurses choose us over "the other guy." Their recruiters tell it like it is, and apparently, nurses like that. Of course, they only tell it like it is because you tell us what you want—and they actively listen. Then, they shoot you straight, using candor over jargon. However, if for any reason you're not satisfied with your recruiter, they won't hesitate to set you up with a new recruiter that's a better fit. No hard feelings. Not everyone can be your cup of tea. ‍Triage offers you DAY ONE nationwide insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska and Vision/Dental insurance through MetLife.  Their 401k program is available to you the week of your first paycheck. Employee matching is available to you after you have worked for Triage for one calendar year and at least 1,000 hours. Then, their employee matching is in accordance with the Safe Harbor regulations: *100% of the first 3% of your contribution. *50% of your next 2% contribution.  Other benefits include life insurance and short-term disability options to add to their insurance policies. They also offer vacation bonuses for hours worked, just like your permanent counterparts, and a handful of reimbursements for continuing education and certifications. ‍At Triage, they prefer to be real, and that is what separates them from the other agencies you will find.  They are realistic about expectations - both theirs and yours. They are real about how a decision you make today could affect your tomorrow. Real about how compensation works. Real about how great—or grating—your next supervisor may be. Being real allows everyone at Triage to be ready. Ready to serve you with real honesty. So if that gig near the ocean is really no day at the beach, or that third shift comes with a second-class rate, they tell you. So you can be ready, too. ‍Are they the biggest? No. Are they the best? That is somewhat subjective, but they are trying to be. Will they work like hell to get you as close to your idea of heaven as possible? Yes. Yes, they will.‍