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Medical Staffing Solutions LLC

8601 N. Kentucky Ave, Suite A Evansville, IN 47725 866-397-5741


Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC, supplies RNs, LPNs, OT, PT, SLP, and Pharmacists to hospitals all over the United States. They are a medium sized company. ‍Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC, a women and Nurse owned travel healthcare company, offers exciting job opportunities in all 50 states for RN's LPN's, across all Nursing specialties and all Allied positions. They offer positions in all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. In fact, they have an office and account manager in Maui Hawaii and are considered the Hawaii specialists in the industry.‍They are considered a medium sized company and prides itself on keeping the family feel to the company and personal attention to each healthcare traveler who travels with them.‍Medical Staffing Solutions LLC is definitely different!!! The two Nurses that own Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC (Melanie and Joanie) make sure that each traveler is treated like family. Their team of healthcare recruiters are available 24/7 to ensure that the healthcare traveler always has someone to turn to.‍They have a Nurse that is available for any clinical concerns that may arise while on assignment. There are 6 clinicians on staff to ensure clinical concerns are always treated with highest priority. They are both Joint Commission certified, and belong to NATHO. To go even further, they are also certified as a National Women Owned business.‍At Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC, each recruiter is evaluated on time spent with each healthcare traveler. There should be weekly contact between every recruiter and their traveler. If, at any time, the healthcare traveler would like to request a change in their recruiter, the change happens without any recourse. They strive to get it right the first time.‍For benefits, they offer Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield as their major medical policy. Vision and dental insurance is also offered to every employee that desires insurance. They also have a 401K after 90 days of employment. They also offer up to a 6% match 401K. Other benefits include full license reimbursement for every assignment and offers a CEU and Loyalty Cruise for employees who earn this excellent benefit.‍Being Nurse and Women sets them apart from other travel companies. The owners have worked in the trenches of the hospitals and know what it is like to walk in the Nurses shoes. They genuinely care about each and every traveler and about their experience with their company. MSS, LLC's mission is "Healthcare with Purpose" . We believe that if you put Patient's First as you Purpose that everything else will fall in place.‍Anything Else?: They believe in each Healthcare Traveler and in what they are bringing to this industry. They commit to giving 100% always to ensure your experience with our company is an excellent experience.