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Medical Solutions offers jobs and top-notch customer service to Travel Nurses ranging from staff RN to RN management, LPN, Tech, OT, CNA, RT, Tech & PT. ‍Their jobs are located throughout all 50 states. They are the fourth-largest travel nurse staffing company in the nation, with approximately 300 full-time internal employees between their four locations (Omaha, San Diego, Cincinnati, and Tupelo).  All offices are privately held.‍Medical Solutions’ company culture is all about treating people well and celebrating their individual talents and successes. This spirit extends through their Career Consultants (their name for “Recruiters”) to their Travelers, who they also consider a part of their team. Ultimately this positive attitude extends into the hospital.  Happy nurses makes for great patient care.  They don’t just staff nurses.  Medical Solutions Career Consultants really help their nurses build their careers and achieve their personal goals.‍Their Career Consultants work to be both professional and personal with their Travelers, and their work isn’t done when a nurse is placed. Career Consultants check in regularly to make sure all is going well and are there throughout an assignment to provide any support a Traveler may need. And because they have such extraordinary Travelers, they also love to tell Traveler stories on their blog.‍Medical Solutions has five internal RNs who act as Clinical Nurse Liaisons. They have a 24-hour on call emergency line which can easily connect to one of them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quality assurance is also provided through being Joint Commission certified and a NATHO member. Medical Solutions was one of the first Joint Commission-certified companies, and their CEO, Craig Meier, sits on the NATHO board where he serves as President for 2017.‍Initially, their Career Consultants spend a lot of time getting to know the person up front during the qualifying process. They ask a lot of questions to make sure it is going to be a good match personality-wise as well as a fit for what the Traveler is looking for in a company. They also have managers who call their Travelers within the first 1-2 weeks of their assignments to check in and ask for feedback on how the recruiter is doing, and they do the NPS surveys to gauge customer satisfaction and identify any areas of improvement. Overall, they work hard to encourage an open forum so Travelers feel comfortable addressing any concerns with Career Consultants, but if they are still not entirely comfortable addressing the issues directly with their Career Consultant, they will always have other means to do so.‍Medical Solutions offers day one United Healthcare coverage, and starting in 2013 they drastically lowered insurance costs for their Travelers! With a larger contribution from Medical Solutions, they now offer basic, single policy medical plans starting at just $15 per week. They offer day one dental benefits through Guardian. For vision they offer Vision Access or Vision VSP. Vision Access benefits come free with paid dental plan enrollment. In 2015, they added short-term disability and critical illness as voluntary benefits through Allstate.‍The benefits with Medical Solutions are never-ending! They are a pet-friendly company and they offer loyalty and referral bonuses, 24-hour customer care, an RN-to-BSN program, license and certificate reimbursement, their Go Rewards program (which gives Travelers access to all kinds of discounts on phone service, scrubs, rental cars, pet supplies, and more), paid private housing, and more. They also award one Traveler of the Month and one Rising Star of the Month (the latter a first-time Traveler with them) in order to reward their Travelers for excellent service based upon hospital evaluations.‍On an annual basis, one Traveler of the Year and one Service That Inspires Award winner are awarded. They sponsor a lot of really cool contests with great prizes for Travelers throughout the year, as well as the chance to help give back to charities and causes! They also offer a 401k through Wells Fargo, available after 30 days worked. They offer a traditional 401k as well as a Roth plan. Company match is 50% of the first 3% elected.‍Their amazing people and quality of customer service is really what sets them apart. They came up with 9 core values that they live and work by, which really explain what’s important to them and what sets them apart. They are: (1) Remain flexible and embrace change. (2) Show passion for work and have fun doing it. (3) Challenge yourself and strive for excellence. (4) Create a positive experience with everyone you encounter. (5) Treat people like you want to be treated. (6) Be an expert at your job. (7) Be proactive not reactive. (8) Focus on the solution, not the problem. (9) Use open and honest communication to build trust.‍More interesting facts about Medical Solutions! (1) They have a lot of fun online. Check out their Facebook page, the Medical Solutions blog on their site, and Travel Nursing Blogs. (2) They think Travel Nurses are so special that in 2013 they created an annual Travel Nurses Day holiday, celebrated each year on the second Friday in October. (3) Give them a call! If you like fun people and an agency that focuses on its Travelers’ satisfaction and not the numbers, then traveling with Medical Solutions is for you.‍