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Healthcare Starz provides nationwide travel nursing assignment along with permanent jobs for registered nurses. They cover all of the United States including AK & HI. ‍Healthcare Starz is a small to mid-size and has that special “Family Like Atmosphere.” You can definitely be expect to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity as you are their client as much as the hospital is their client. Every nurse they work with is special in his/her own way and they treat everyone as an individual and don’t generalize or lump you into a large group that makes you feel like you’re nothing more than a number. The only number you will feel like when you work with their agency is the Number #1, because you are so important to them and the success of their company.‍The only service they know how to give is personal. They can have access to them whenever you need them and you can always count on having any phone call message or email you send to them returned the same day, No exceptions. You are the lifeblood of their company and without you, they have not company. Therefore, personalized service is the only service you will get. Their clinical nurse liaison is available 24 hours a day along with their executive on call at the company for any emergencies you may have and if you call, you can expect to be treated with class, dignity, and empathy for whatever problem you may be having. They train their recrutiers to recruit from the perspective that they are dealing with a member of their family and that each nurses needs to be treated like they are one of the recruiters adored family members.‍Although they are not currently JCAHO Certified, they do follow all JCAHO compliance processes along with the specific requirements of their clients. They are always praised by their clients for the attention to detail that they exhibit when it comes to giving them the compliance documentation they need. They are investigating becoming a member of NATHO.‍They provide the best and most generous matching 401K in the travel industry, They match dollar for dollar up to the first 3% of a traveler’s contribution and then 50% of the next 2% of the traveler’s contribution. So, if the travelers contributes just 5% of their pay, then Healthcare Starz will match them 4% and they will have a total of 9% contribution. This gives the traveler an 80% return on their money before factoring in any stock market returns which is unheard of in the healthcare staffing industry. For this reason alone, they have many travelers who choose to work with them because no other company helps them build up their retirement next egg faster then Healthcare Starz. They also provide United Healthcare PPO for their travelers and offer dental and vision as well.‍They provide all their travelers with wonderful benefits and the Best Retirement Plan in the industry, guaranteed. When you work with Healthcare Starz you get the Healthcare Starz Benefits Advantage Which Is: Some of the great benefits they offer their contract therapists like you are:Health Insurance Including $20,000 Life Insurance—You can participate in their POS/PPO with United Healthcare. a. Healthcare Starz Contribution: 50% of the Employee Only premium. b. Eligibility: 1st of the Month following 30 days of employment c. You also have the option of getting your own plan or continuing with COBRA Coverage from your current employer for up to 18 months and they will reimburse you up to $500 of the monthly premium. COBRA is a way for people to continue with the Health insurance plans of their former employer until such time as they enroll in a new plan of their own with their new employer, in this case (Healthcare Starz, Inc.)401K Retirement Plan – Healthcare Starz has an industry leading 401K plan with Transamerica Financial Services. The are multiple investment choices to satisfy your own risk tolerance and there are no fees to participate other than your annual account maintenance fee of $50. a. Company Match:  This plan will match your elective contributions dollar for dollar up to the first 3% of your salary and then 50% of each dollar you contribute up to the next 2% of your salary. So, if you put in 5% of your pay to the plan, you will get a match of 4% from the company. For example, if you make $80,000 per year and you contribute 5% or $4,000 to your retirement plan, Healthcare Starz will contribute 4% or $3200 dollars to the plan on your behalf for a total Employee + Company Contribution = to $7,200 for the year. And the best part is that this does not even factor in any positive returns you make on your investments. b. Vesting Schedule: Most companies have a 5 year vesting schedule where you can only keep 20% of the match for each year you are with the company and it takes 5 years to be fully vested in the company match. The best part of working with Healthcare Starz is that you will be 100% vested in the company match from day 1 that you are in the plan and all money matched by the company is yours to keep with no annual vesting schedule. c. Eligibility: You are eligible to participate in the new 401K plan on the first of the month following your date of hire. Short and Long Term Disability: Can be purchased for a nominal fee from their payroll company as a Supplemental Benefit. Dental Insurance: Can be purchased for a nominal fee from their payroll company as a Supplemental Benefit.CEU Reimbursement: You can earn up to $200 for every 13 week assignment you complete with the company to put towards your required CEU courses. All you have to do is submit a receipt for the course you registered for and they will reimburse the money on your paycheck.Licensure Reimbursement: Healthcare Starz reimburses it’s contract therapists up to $150 for cost of renewing their current state license or for getting a new license in a state where he/she takes a travel assignment with the company.Travel Reimbursment: Healthcare Starz Reimburses up to $600 for travel assignments that are greater than 50 miles from a healthcare professional’s permanent residence with half of the tax free reimbursement (Up to $300) being provided on the healthcare professional’s first paycheck and half on the last paycheck of his/her assignment.Weekly Pay a. Online log in to see pay history of up to 1 year of paychecks and deductions.Free Direct Deposit.Tax Advantage Program: Under certain situations, a contract therapist is able to receive part of their hourly compensation as Tax Free Per Diems. a. Healthcare Starz’s Tax Advantage Program lets you use the IRS regulations to maximize your take-home pay. Here’s how: As a healthcare traveler you probably maintain a primary residence and earn your wages by working away from your home. As such, some of your expenses may be duplicated between your primary residence and where your work assignment is located. To address this issue, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows certain tax breaks for healthcare travelers that meet the IRS guidelines. The IRS recognizes that some occupations require duplicate expenses, so they created a table of rates that estimates the average food and housing costs for each U.S. city. These rates are called “per diem” or daily reimbursement rates for two categories of expenses: (1) Housing and (2) Meals & Incidentals b. Healthcare Starz combines these daily per diem rates into its compensation plans for travelers to maximize their Take Home Pay. The net result of the Tax Advantage Program is that you get to keep more of the money in your paycheck rather than paying the government more in taxes…Sounds Great Right? This program usually amounts to the healthcare traveler taking home hundred more dollars per week in his/her paycheck! c. Eligibility for the Tax Advantage Program.To qualify for the Tax Advantage Program, traveling healthcare professionals must meet some guidelines as set forth by the IRS:You must have a permanent residence where you reside and pay taxes. If you constantly travel and have no permanent residence, you likely will not qualify for this program. Your permanent residence must be different from your travel assignment location. The commute to/from your permanent residence to your travel assignment must be more than 50 miles each way for you to qualify for the tax advantage program. Your assignment must be less than one year. You may have multiple travel assignments and extensions of assignments, but each original assignment must be less than a year. All expense reimbursements for assignments that are longer than one year are fully taxable. Questions regarding your specific situation should be directed to your personal tax advisor.‍They are more than just another Travel Company because they treat people differently than all the other companies do. The owners of the company have been in the Healthcare Staffing business for the past 12 years and had a very successful travel nursing company called Abetta-Care that they sold in 2007. Abetta-Care was designed and built under the premise that all of their caregivers are human beings first and each traveler should be treated with dignity, respect, and with the utmost honesty and integrity. Since they started Healthcare Starz over 3 years ago, they have brought those same time-tested principles to this company and as such, their reputation is excellent. They train all of their employees to do the right thing by people whenever there is an issue to be solved and they teach everyone to treat every caregiver they come in contact with as if they they were a member of their own family.‍Just Try Us Out for One Assignment. They guarantee that once you work with us and experience the special way they treat you, you will never want to go back to working with one of the other companies that does not value you or the contribution you make to improving patients’ lives each and every day.‍