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Health Providers Choice has career opportunities for RNs, Respiratory Therapists, LPNs, and various allied healthcare professionals, including Sterile Processing Techs, Certified Surgical Technologists, CNAs, Medical Assistants, Rad Techs, Phlebotomists, etc. Advance Practice: CRNA’s, PA’s Direct Placement: Bedside as well as Management Temp to Perm: All healthcare positions; they also offer MSP/VMS services to their clients. ‍They are a mid-market sized company that is privately owned, Women Minority Owned / Nurse Owned, which provides crisis, Short-term, and 13–26-week assignments nationwide.  Due to their proximity to Canada, they offer Canadian Registered Nurses opportunities in the states. ‍When a healthcare provider joins the Health Providers Choice team, they become part of their family.  Their professional and emotional well-being becomes primary in the relationship.  Especially in today’s environment, their nurse partners need to be cared for, and they need to be emotionally prepared for their role as a caregiver in an environment with several obstacles and challenges.  They advocate for them to make sure they are safe and supported.  They make sure they have 24-hour support, not just 9-5.‍At Health Providers Choice, they recognize that, at times, their nurses are treated poorly by some clients.  They try to identify the clients that are not supportive of the nursing staff and how staffing affects patient safety.  Their team needs to protect their nurses from this exposure and provide them with safe places to work.  They make their decisions based on their core values.  They believe consistency and honoring their commitments instill mutual respect and trust.  At Health Providers Choice, they acknowledge that they cannot accomplish their mission without their entire team – the nursing staff and the support staff. ‍Health Providers Choice believes having a clinical nurse liaison available around the clock is essential in providing their healthcare team the support they need during and after work hours.  Every employee is given contact information for the clinical team during orientation and encouraged to call when they need assistance, advice, or just an ear to listen and provide support.  The clinical team at Health Providers Choice is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  The chief clinical nurse liaison is experienced in bedside nursing and nurse management, a consultant to several hospitals, and has worked as a contract nurse.‍They are a Joint Commission Certified staffing agency.  They are members of NATHO and are also members of ASA (American Staffing Association), ASHHRA (American Society for Healthcare Human Resource Administration, and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). ‍Health Providers Choice (HPC) has recruiter profiles on their company website to help the nurse choose which recruiter is the best fit for them.  The recruiter profiles include a short bio on the recruiter and testimonials to help the nurse make their choice.  Health Providers Choice understands that all nurses are different and have individual preferences for who they work with and how they choose to work.  Providing the recruiter’s background and other nurses’ experiences with the recruiter allows the nurse to pick the recruiter that is the best fit for them.  There are times after a nurse engages that the relationship between the nurse and their recruiter is not the fit that the nurse intended.  If this occurs, HPC encourages the nurse to work with another one of the recruiters until the fit provides the relationship that the nurse is comfortable with. ‍Health Providers Choice provides Blue Cross Blue Shield medical insurance that starts on the first day of an assignment.  The nurse can choose four (4) different plans, including zero contribution plans.  Health Providers Choice also offers Delta Dental and EyeMed for vision coverage.  Dental and vision coverage starts on the first day of the assignment.  Teladoc is a group benefit provided by HPC to all employees.  This provides options for nurses that do not elect coverage to receive a doctor’s care anywhere in the country via a tele office call.  Dr. visits via Teladoc are free of charge.  Tele doctors can diagnose and order prescriptions for their nurses.  All healthcare plans are ERISA plans, and the contribution (if there is one) is a pre-tax deduction.  All plans have a Cobra option as well. ‍401k: Health Provides Choice offers 401K through Fidelity, and the option to contribute is open to all employees.  Employees can start contributing through their first payroll check.  The nurses can change their contributions at any time.  The plan document provides for a discretionary match program. ‍Other Benefits: Health Providers Choice provides group benefits at no cost to the traveler.  The group benefits include Short Term Disability, 50K life insurance, and Workers Comp.  All staff is covered for general liability and professional liability.  The liability insurance is sufficient for the nurse under Health Providers Choice, and the traveler doesn’t need to purchase their own.  Health Providers Choice provides GSA reimbursement to qualified travelers, including housing stipends, meals and incidentals, travel reimbursement, and rental cars.  The HPC housing division is always available to find and provide leased housing to those travelers that do not wish to provide their own and receive reimbursement.  All nurses are provided free unlimited CEUs and reimbursement for licensure outside their primary state license.  Health Providers Choice has a 24/7 on-call line that is always staffed by one of their experienced recruiters so that their nurses can receive support at any time.  The on-call recruiter can escalate to their Chief Nursing Officer, who is also available 24/7 should the issue require intervention from a clinical liaison. ‍What makes them different than the other agencies?  The nurses! they have the greatest travelers in the industry!  They always are professional and committed to their patients; even the team at HPC is dedicated to their mission and is always faithful to their mission of empowering healthcare professionals to provide quality patient care.  There is no room for compromise in their standards and values, i.e., Teamwork, Gratitude, Professionalism, Integrity, Longevity, and Commitment.  Health Providers Choice has added a Talent Support and Success division in the past year to support their nurses through the employment process and their assignments.  This team works closely with each nurse to ensure they are fully prepared for employment with HPC and assists them in successfully starting and completing each assignment.  To accomplish this, the Talent Support team provides a comprehensive orientation to Health Providers Choice.  They also review each contract with the nurse and make sure that the nurse does not go into an assignment with unanswered questions or concerns that have not been addressed.‍The best part of this division is that no birthday, anniversary, or achievement goes uncelebrated for anyone on the HPC team.  This year, there were many challenges for travel nurses in the industry.  Many hospitals decided that the crisis bill rates were no longer warranted during the post-pandemic period due to decreased COVID patients.  Many hospitals reduced agency bill rates in response to the decrease in demand.  Health Providers Choice was one of the agencies that did not respond to that decrease by asking contracted nurses to reduce their pay during their contracted term.  HPC did not tell their nurses that they needed to take a pay cut or their contracts would be canceled.  HPC honored its commitment to the contracted nurses and did none of these things.  Their nurses continued their contracts without interruption to their service or their pre-negotiated bill rates.  This is only one example of why HPC is more than “just another” travel company. ‍They are grateful for the travel nurses that make up the HPC team, and they recognize the hard work and sacrifice that nurses endure for the sake and well-being of their patients.  they are proud and honored to represent such a passionate and essential group of professionals.  They, as a team, will always advocate and fight for the recognition, respect, and support they need.  It is their duty and their privilege.  They are grateful and will continue to be thankful for their service to their patients and their dedication to their team.‍