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Health Carousel Travel Nursing

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Live andwork the way you want with Health Carousel Travel Nursing. They give nurses and allied professionals the freedom to advance their careers and reconnect to their calling. ‍They take the effort out of working with the nation’s top facilities—so you can focus on doing what you love.  HCTN curates meaningful experiences just for you with their easy-to-use On Demand technology and seasoned recruiters standing at the ready, providing a flexible career path that reflects your lifestyle and respects your aspirations.  Like professionals in other industries, many travelers want long-term careers and the growth, development, and advanced education that such careers provide.  After the trying experience of the pandemic, and faced with questions about what their career will look like in the future, how will those aspirations be realized?‍Health Carousel Travel Nursing fully invests in your professional and personal success, demonstrating commitment by focusing on careers, not just contracts with:            • Exceptional, traveler-focused benefits & support            • Rewards & recognition            • More assignment options            • Professional development            • Advanced degree programs.   They coverall 50 states and meet traveling healthcare professionals where they are.  They deliver more options that flex with their goals, and be a partner in their career growth so that we’re not just an agency that helps them find the next contract but as their employer of choice for long-term careers.  Go further: it’s easier and faster than ever before with Health Carousel Travel Nursing!‍They are a medium-sized company on the 2022 List of Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms published annually by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) – the global advisor on staffing and workforce solutions.  They are not publicly traded on the stock market, which means their duty is focused on you, the traveler - not corporate shareholders. Health Carousel Travel Nursing delivers the travel nursing experience that gives you what you wanted from this profession all along—an ability to care for people and the freedom to do it wherever you want.  They help you create meaningful experiences that grow with you and your preferred career path.  Their career services are designed for nurses and allied professionals looking for flexible career advancement, ongoing professional development, and competitive pay.  ‍They offer:            • Travel opportunities for all specialties in all 50 states.            • A blended digital & human experience, powered by On Demand and their more than 17 years of staffing expertise.            • Total talent concierge with services including digital document management and credentialing; tailored travel and housing services.            • 24/7 clinical support from their in-house team of licensed RNs, and            • Support specialists who keep you on track. ‍Travelers are engaged and informed throughout the entire hiring process.  They are transparent about all aspects of your application and credentialing progress.  Upon assignment, their clinical team provides onboarding and training.  They continue to be available 24/7 to provide coaching or resolve any clinical issues that may arise. This year, in 2022, Health Carousel Travel Nursing is proud to celebrate ten straight years of receiving the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval.  This approval honors their commitment to maintaining and exceeding quality benchmarks and patient safety standards.  Health Carousel Travel Nursing is also incredibly proud to be a member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO), earning frequent recognition from NATHO in their mission to build the best possible experience for their travelers. They feature all travel nurse recruiters on our website at https://www.hctravelnursing.com/recruiters and allow travelers to select their recruiter based on who they believe is their best match. Their health insurance is provided by UnitedHealthcare with dental/vision through MetLife.  401k: They offer a generous401k with a match of 50% up to the first 6% of your contributions.  Each year They contribute over $200,000 to travelers enrolled in their 401k program.  That’s free money! ‍They have comprehensive benefits offerings that help them stand apart from other competitors.  To view a snapshot of the more than 35 traveler-focused benefits that they provide, visit https://www.hctravelnursing.com/benefits.‍They empower you to work how you want, whenever and wherever you want, so you can choose the assignments that fit your evolving needs.  That philosophy extends to how you work with them by searching and applying through their On-Demand app and speaking to a recruiter when you want to.  Travel nurses and allied professionals are in such high demand that sometimes it can feel like agencies are more concerned with getting you a job than building a relationship.  HCTN wants to help you build the career and life you want, starting with understanding your needs and finding the perfect fit.  Travelers want to know their company has their best interests in mind throughout an evolving career.  They are fully invested in your professional and personal success, demonstrating their commitment through transparent communication, competitive compensation, and exceptional support. ‍At Health Carousel, they don’t take your decision to work with them lightly, and they want to make that decision more effortless than ever by giving you more.  Their brand new Rewards program ensures you are rewarded for every hour you work on an assignment.  Each hour worked earns points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, and other fantastic items travelers love.