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Hamilton Staffing Solutions

250 Mohawk Road, CLERMONT 833-426-7823


Hamilton Staffing believes they are more than just any other agency because they put true compassion and caring into the work. Because they are family, female, and RN owned, they believe a special amount of effort and care goes into how they conduct their every day business. ‍They are a small agency that offers travel and permanent placement positions for CNA, LPN, RN, and Allied health professionals.  All nurses have 24/7 access to their recruiters through their cell phone numbers.  They strive to create relationships that last and make overall business easy and trustworthy.  Their motto is, by nurses, for nurses.‍Their owner is an RN and is available about 16 hours every day from 6 am-10 pm (they have to sleep sometime!)  They are certified by the Joint Commission but do not belong to NATHO.  Their agency runs on customer service, and if there is no sincere compatibility between a recruiter and traveler, they will make arrangements to suit the traveler with a different recruiter.  No hard feelings!‍They offer day one insurance through United Health care.  Dental and vision are also available.  They also provide 401k through their payroll system, ADP, that can be transferred to an existing 401k account once the nurse decides not to work with us.  They match up to 4% of employee contributions.  Other benefits include a travel stipend of $600 ad well as scrubs!  They also provide license reimbursements and credentialing reimbursements required for assignments.‍They believe that what makes them different from any other agency is their genuine compassion and caring in their work.  Because they are family, female, and RN-owned, they believe an extraordinary amount of effort and care goes into how they conduct their everyday business. As a result, they frequently notice that their pay is higher, and their benefits are better when compared to other agencies.‍They love this industry! So, if you are looking for an upfront and honest company willing to part the sea and do whatever they can to make sure you are successful and comfortable in your travels, they are the agency for you!‍