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AHS Staffing - NurseStat, MedStat, RenalStat

3051 Willowood Dr., Edmond, OK, 73034


Since AHS is a mid-sized firm, they offer their travelers an array of unique advantages. Their assignments span from across the nation, and due to their size, they supply them with the most competitive pay packages. Their travelers are part of thekr family; they represent their firm, and are of the utmost importance to them. 1) AHS Recruiters interview and have ongoing conversations with any prospective travelers, not only with regard to their desires and interests, but also with their personal, family, and travel situations so that an ideal fit can be made. 2) The AHS Team is available 24/7 to their travelers. Traveling healthcare is not an 8-5 job. They hold their team accountable to being responsive to their travelers at anytime. 3) Since they have clinicians (both RNs and RTs) on their team, they ensure that assignments are reviewed and assessed as far as being appropriate fits for their travelers with respect to clinical area, size, expectations and skillset. They are in the business of people! Therefore, their travelers are absolutely individuals who they treat with care and importance.‍Seeing that most of their travelers come to them through referrals, they implemented a program that compensates the referring source monthly, even if they are no longer working for them.‍Over the years, AHS Staffing has reached many corners of the healthcare industry, and by effect, they have touched thousands of lives along the way.  Like most humble beginnings, their leaders understood a driving force in healthcare staffing: people.  Similar to AHS, people are immensely versatile.  They require a wide variety of opportunities, and their leaders built the foundation of AHS to reflect those needs.‍Their four staffing divisions: PharmStat, RenalStat, MedStat, and NurseStat, allow people from all certifications and specialties to explore opportunities in their field of choice.  Whether through dialysis nursing, travel pharmacy, nursing, or allied assignments, they believe in giving the power to the traveler.‍Within their Management and Recruiting team lays years of licensed clinical experience, allowing them to have a firsthand understanding of the needs and desires of the people they serve and offer appropriate assignments tailored to their skill set.  This unique perspective enables their team to make informed decisions when addressing clinical situations and issues for travelers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.‍AHS is Joint Commission certified regarding quality assurance, ensuring their clients and travelers with time-tested and effective processes.  To make the application process seamless, they offer online applications with simple, easy-to-use credentialing, where candidates can complete required documents in the comfort of their homes.  In addition, by adhering tightly to government guidelines on per diems, housing reimbursements, travel, and tax allowances, their travelers can rest knowing they are being taken care of. ‍Come see what AHS is all about! ‍