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1: What is Travel Nursing?

2: 4 Players to prepare for Travel Nursing (& Nursing Compact)

3: Picking a Travel Nursing Agency

4: How to Find the Best Travel Nurse Recruiter for YOU

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5: Use this rule to choose your First Travel Nursing Assignment

6: Guide to Onboarding and Submitting

7: Do THIS to stand out in your Travel Nurse Interview

8: Travel Nurse Contracts: Etiquette, Bill Rates, Is it a good one?

9: 4 Travel Nurse Housing Options while on Contract

10: Overcome nerves & Impress staff: Travel Nurse First Day on The Job

11: Making the most of your 13 week Travel Nurse Contract

12: Extend or move on? Wrapping up your Travel Nurse Contract

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Surviving Those Tough Assignments

Yes, survival is what it is all about. It’s a jungle out there, and a travel nurse must be prepared to tread through the trenches and come out victorious!Come on, there can’t be much difference between surviving in a jungle and surviving a terrible nursing assignment. Here are my eight tips for survival in Travel […]

Kay Slane

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Mental Aspects of Travel Healthcare

The Freedom Of Travel Healthcare

In the travel nursing discussion group, this interesting question cam up about traveling to somewhere the we have always wanted to live. One of the greatest aspects of travel nursing is the fact that we can get a taste of the city without having to buy the whole enchilada.  We can go to New York […]

Kay Slane

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Mental Aspects of Travel Healthcare

Professionalism in Travel Healthcare

A traveler must be professional. As soon as you walk into the hospital and onto your unit, your professionalism is what people see. Do you walk with your head up or down? Professionalism is probably the most critical factor in making or breaking a travel assignment. You have to remember that no one knows you […]

Kay Slane

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