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Travel Nursing with Highway Hypodermics

More and more nurses are wanting to live the dream of travel nursing but that dream can be unreachable related to the fact that the nurses don’t know where to start and how to protect themselves from becoming a victim of Travel Nurse Exploitation.  Nurses are scared to take that first step.  Epstein understands that and has built this website to assist travelers in finding the best company and assignment for them taking into account their personal needs.

Travel Nursing Company Benefits

Travel Company Benefits

With so many travel companies out there, how is a nurse to pick the best one?  This chart was made to assist you find the right travel nursing company for YOU!

Travel Company Evaluations

travel company evaluation

The travel company evaluations give traveling nurses the opportunity to tell others about your experience with that company.

Travel Nursing Company Profiles

The travel company profiles answers the questions about travel companies including:  the benefits they supply, nursing and allied, and what makes them different.

Top Ten Travel Companies

Every company has their website that they are the leader or the best, but who really knows?  Nurses!  The top ten is a combination of nursing evaluations along with companies benefits.

Company Referrals

Your information is NOT sold to anyone, and you choose whom you want your information sent to, and you don’t have to give them a phone number.

Recruiter Shopping

Profiles of different recruiters so that you can make the right match.  Here we supplied each recruiter 5 incidents to see what they would do in those situations.