Travel Nursing InformationHere you will find all the travel nursing information you need to start a travel nursing career including:

Travel Nursing Book – Whether you are a beginner or experienced traveling nurse, this book has something for you! In “Highway Hypodermics: Travel Nursing 2015,” most of the chapters have received a complete rewrite or major editing, making this the most up-to-date book for the travel healthcare professional. This also includes a complete chapter authored by Joseph C. Smith, the voice of authority for travel taxes.

Free Forms – Wondering what to ask the hospital during an interview? There are quite a few lists out there, but this is my personal one that I formulated to fit my needs. You are free to take it and pass it around to other travel nurses also!

State Boards of Nursing – A full list of all the state boards of nursing in the 50 states and the Virgin Islands.

Travel Nursing Links – A full list of travel nursing links including Facebook groups, other social media, travel nursing associations, tax preparation sites, city & travel sites, and travel nursing forums.  An abundance of travel nursing information can be found here!

Travel Nurse Stories – For those contemplating the travel nurse field: The best way to learn about the travel nursing field is from those who are actually in the travel nursing trenches.

Travel Hospital Evaluations – It was discussed to make a list of hospitals that frequently hire traveling nurses and rate them; therefore, I have created this rating system for hospitals. This will be the accumulation of data from all forms filled out. The purpose of this list is for the travel nurse a better look at hospitals around the country.  COMING SOON!