The serve all specialties and all degree with jobs from coast to coast. Their international assignments include Australia, Saudi, UAE, England, and much more.

Pulse Clinical Alliance is an off-shoot of a large company that specializes in healthcare IT, but now they are between a small and medium privately owned company.

When asked about how they assure that the nurse is treated as a name and not just a number, they answered, “When putting recruiters and travelers together their priorities include: 

  1. They go over 1st impressions, and connecting with the staff. You must become educated about the history of the facility, their strengths and weaknesses. Simple people skill can go a long way.
  2. Gestures of going above an beyond are important to making a strong impression and therein, not being just a number.
  3. There are times that they have to intervene and speak with the MSP or the Facility directly. Ex: you need more than 2 nurses to transfer a 300 lb patient.
  4. On occasion, they will do things for that nurses unit, order Chinese or pizza, send flowers, etc…”

Pulse Clinical Alliance has a CNL, who is available whenever she is needed. They also have retired nurses who are available, as well as their CMO to assist with issues that may arise. They are having their final review audit in Q2 of this year. They belong to NAPR, ASHHRA, ANA, NAHCR, and HCCA.

All of their recruiters have a minimum of 5 years experience, with some having 25 years. They match recruiters with a region they are most familiar with, orientate them to the major and minor health systems in that region, and train their recruiters about the issues / needs of travelers. They also have a separate team that focuses on technicians, therapists, MDs, Advanced Practices, and Pharmacy.

Their benefits include:  “Blue Cross & United Dental & Vision are through Guardian” “They provide a 401k for all employees. The plan summary states:  Types of Contributions. The following types of contributions may be made under this Plan:
· employee salary deferrals including Roth 401(k) deferrals
· rollover contributions
· employer matching contributions & 
· employer profit sharing contributions


Other benefits include:

  1. Short-term Disability
  2. Long-term Disability
  3. Life Insurance
  4. Health care
  5. Roadside Assistance
  6. HIPAA training
  7. Identity Theft Protection
  8. Personal Tech Support
  9. Credit Monitoring
  10. Telehealth


Here is how they are different:

  • They are a true multi-disciplined coalition, with doctors, nurses, IT professionals, PhamDs, and health care lawyers, all working together !!!
  • They are  a lot more than just a travel company, providing training, compliance products, and project management. They also provide perm placement, per diem, and activation / EMR contracts.
  • They’re the only company in the industry to partner with the ANA on their Corporate Foundation Board; therefore, they do not work on strikes.”

Their motto is: Advancing Care Together…  They strongly believe that every discipline and member of the medical community must work harder to avoid the silos and fracturing that compromise modern health care. They are committed to long hours and being there for their care givers the way they are there for their patients. 

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Pulse Clinical Alliance, LLC

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