Convergence Medical Staffing is a medium sized company that provides nationwide career opportunities for RN's, LPN, OT, PT, SLP, Med Lab Tech, Med Tech, Rad Tech, and other various allied healthcare modalities.

They are medium sized company for a reason. Instead of placing volumes of nurses and other professionals all over the place, they keep their relationships personal. There are limitations on the number of travelers that their recruiters work with, ensuring dedication to the traveler’s experience on each and every assignment. Each of their travelers have access to speak with The Managing Director at any time should they feel the need. They are open to constructive criticism and solve all issues TOGETHER with the traveler. No results are satisfying to anyone if both aren’t involved in the resolution.

Convergence does have a clinical director of nurses that is available through your recruiter 24/7.  They are Joint Commission Certified. 

If there isn’t a solid fit between recruiter and nurse or if any dissatisfaction exists, the nurse may request another recruiter through the Managing Director. At that juncture, a new recruiter is assigned based on the nurses preferences in the character that the nurse prefers.

Convergence provides Blue Cross/Blue Shield – Major medical and dental to their travelers. They do not offer vision insurance because there are no satisfactory vision plans that are worthwhile for the cost; however, they did replace vision with a $15,000 life insurance policy where the traveler appoints the beneficiaries of his/her choice.  They do not provide a 401k program, based on their traveler’s preference. In lieu, they provide an IRA program.

Other benefits include:  Accident Insurance, short term disability, long term disability, additional life insurance (for travelers AND family members).

Convergence really DO put an enormous amount of time into ensuring that their travelers are treated fairly, with respect and ensure that they have a voice in resolving issues. They are easily reached, respond to contact promptly, available 24/7 and know their travelers by name. They develop close relationships across the board. AND… if they tell you they are going to do it, it WILL happen. They do what they say they will do.

In Conclusion:  All of their recruiters are experienced with travel healthcare professional placement. When they tell you something, you can take it to the bank. If they are wrong, they admit it and if a mistake were to occur related to your contract, they eat it. The traveler will always be in the drivers seat; however, they do require your full cooperation in order to get you what you want. That means they can be strict about you getting your required paperwork in order to get their travelers interviewed and for credentialing prior to a start date. It’s necessary to treat both sets of information urgently in order to secure their travelers the best assignments.

In their 2017 traveler satisfaction survey, their travelers ranked us 96% “exceeds expectations” and 0% “needs improvement”. They don’t judge their travelers, support them with and through issues should they arise on assignment and ensure that payroll is accurate and timely ALWAYS.

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Our Recruiters

Christie McGee

Christie is an honest recruiter who expects her nurses to be honest. She places high importance on helping a traveler get through the credentialing process.


Mo Fregia

Mo is an experienced recruiter that is dedicated to providing the best. He works with his nurses to provide excellent service and solve problems promptly.


Jake Schmidt

Jake’s Answers are Coming Soon


Grady King

Grady’s Answers are Coming Soon


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For More Information Contact:

Convergence Medical Staffing

5200 Seventy-Seven Center Drive, Suite 550

Charlotte, NC 28217



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