travel company evaluation

The first question I’m asked by newbies is, “Who is the best travel nursing company?”  Don’t take my personal opinion!  

Below you will find more than 1400 evaluations from travel nurses out there on the road.

This is your place to exercise your right to give your company a travel company evaluation.

The purpose of this list is for the travel nurse a better look at travel companies around the country. This is an accumulation of all nursing data acquired through our survey.

Here is the list of questions asked:

  1. My recruiter made every attempt to provide the travel assignment that I wanted?
  2. I was offered positions at my preferred hospital size or trauma level?
  3. The company provided adequate health insurance?
  4. The company provided health insurance within the first 30 days of employment?
  5. I received adequate housing with utilities or a generous housing stipend?
  6. The company reimbursed or paid for all pre-employment screening?
  7. The company provided 401K with some company match?
  8. The company offered pay rates over $30?
  9. The company offers weekly pay checks that can be directly deposited?
  10. The company offers the choice of non-taxable travel assignment??
  11. The company paid on time and correctly… if there was a mistake, it was quickly corrected?
  12. Missed days were either made up or up to three days were excused. The company did NOT charge me for “assignment expenses” for days missed?
  13. My continuing education, ACLS, PALS, CPR etc… were covered as needed?
  14. My recruiter was knowledgeable about travel nursing and did not have a “used-car salesman” attitude?
  15. I felt like my recruiter was honest?
  16. I felt like my recruiter and the company stood behind me in a tough situation?
  17. I felt like a valued nurse with a name instead of just a number on the payroll?
  18. I felt like my recruiter knew my personality and my preferences for contact and took those things into consideration… (didn’t call at noon since I work nights, knows that I’m a talker, knows that I just want to take care of business and hang up, knows my preference is just to email)?
  19. The company offered full pay for orientation, and I was fully prepared for orientation?
  20. I would recommend the company to other travelers?

Thanks again to all the traveling nurses who took time out of their busy schedule to help me with this chart by filling out the Travel Nursing Company Evaluation!  No evaluation from recruiters or direct “in-house” staff will be knowingly accepted.

This page was last updated: 12/18/2017

These evaluations are from the years of 2013 to 2017.

Click “+” to find see the full evaluation of the travel company.  

*” = 67% of respondents state “yes”…  

;” = 33-66% of respondents state “yes”…

.” = 33% or less of respondents state “yes”…  


CompanyCompany WebsiteCorrect AssignmentCorrect PositionAdequate InsuranceCorrect Insurance TimingAdequate HousingPre Employ ScreenAdequate 401KAdequate PayDirect DepositTravelers AdvantageCorrect PayNo Missed Day ChargeContinuing EducationNo Sales AttitudeRecruiter HonestTough Situation SupportName Not A NumberRecruiter PersonalityFull Orientation PayRecommend CompanyNumber of EvaluationsTTL
Health Providers Choice***********;;*;***;*8118.1
One Staff Medical******;**;**;*******3818.1
Atlas MedStaff******.****.********5818.1
PPR Travel Nursing**;***;;*;**********4418
Tailored Healthcare Staffing**;;**;*****;**:****6818
Core Medical Group****.****;**********2017.9
The Right Solutions**;********;;*******4217.9
Premier Healthcare Professionals******.*************4317.8
Advanced Travel Nursing******;;*;*;****;***6817.8
Host Healthcare**;****;;**;********4817.8
Fusion Medical Staffing***;*;****;*;**;****17117.7
Total Med Staffing*******.***.********4617.7
Convergence Medical Staffing******;;*;*;***;****3717.6
Medical Staffing Solutions, LLC******;**;*;;*******2317.5
Randstad Healthcare*******.*;*.;****;**4517.4
Travel Nurse Across America**;*;*;*;**;;****;;*14617.3
Cirrus Medical Staffing*******;*;*;;;*;****5317.3
Aureus Medical**;;**;;*.*;***;****9817.2
Quest Group**;**;*;*;;*;;*;**;*5217.2
Flexcare Medical Staffing******;*****;*******22517.1
Freedom Healthcare******;**;***;*;*;**2017
Emerald Healthcare**..****************4016.8
Medical Solutions**;******;*;*;;****;4916.6
Rn Network****;;*;***;;**;*;*;4116.3
Advantage RN**;;;;******;**;;**;2215.8
The Above Companies Have Atleast 20 Evaluations And Are Top Ten Eligible
Voyage Healthcare********************420
East Coast Staffing Solutions********************120
Healthcare Starz********************120
Innovent Global********************120
Providence Healthcare Staffing************.*******120
Advantage Medical Professionalos********************120
Stat Staff Professionals************,*******119.5
Med Pro Staffing******.*************119
Optimal Medical Staffing***********.********119
OR Nurses, Inc******.*************119
Triage Staffing************,*******119
Prime Time Healthcare***.****************219
Nationwide Nurses******.*************218.8
Response 1********************1018.7
Staffing Medical USA**;;**;*************118.5
Adex Medical Staffing***..***************118.5
Ardor Health*;******.;***********18
Banner Staffing******;****;;**;****118
Capability Healthcare**;;**;**;**********118
National Healthcare Staffing*;;*;;************.*118
Westways Staffing********.***.*******118
White Glove Care**;;**;*************218
Cross Country Travel*****;;*************117.8
Gifted Healthcare*******;*;*;;***;***917.7
Sunbelt Staffing*****;;;.;*;;;*;****917.7
Jackson Nurse Professional******;****;;***;**;417.6
Team Staff Rx****;;;;*;**********717.4
Med Staff*****.******;**.****117.4
Liquid Agents**.*********.**.***;1717.3
Axis Medical Staffing*;;;*****;*;;**;****417.3
LRS Healthcare*****;;;*;*;;**;****1217.1
American Nursing Services**;****;*****;;****;517
Health One Staffing**;***.*****.*****;*217
Nurse Finders*****..*****.*******117
Rapid Temps*****.*.****.*******117
Staff Quest*********;**;**;****117
Medical Staffing Soln, INC******;**;**.*******116.7
United States Staffing Inc (USSI)****;;.**;*;;*******1316.7
Genesis Medical Staffing******;;*;;;********1616.6
Soliant Health****;*;**;*;**;;;;*;716.6
Strategic Healthcare******..*.*;********316.5
US Nursing Corp;;****;;*;**********616
Prime Staffing NYC***;**;***;*****;;;;316
RN Demand*****.;*****;*****.*116
RTG Medical**.*.**********.***.1815.7
Titan Nurse Staffing***;***.*;*;********1715.5
Fresenius Medical Care**;***;;*;;*;**;*;*;315.3
Grape Tree Medical Staffing**;;**;*.;*;;**;*;**215.2
Nursing Options****;.***;**.*****.*115
Supplemental Healthcare**;**.;****;;*******115
On Assignment;**;**;**;*;*;**;**;1014.5
Medical Staffing Options;*;***;**;**;;;*****1114.5
Rt Temps / Rn Temps*****;.**.*;*;;;;;**214.5
MedStaff Healthcare Solutions*;;;.*;**.*;;***;***114.3
Dzeel Clinical*****;;;*;*;;*;;;**;1114.1
Clinical Staffing Services****;;;;;.*;;****;;;414
Foundation Medical Staffing**..**.**.**,*****,*114
Medsource Travelers..*********..*.****.114
ReadyLink Helathcare**;;**;.****;**;****114
OR Nurses Inc.**;;;*;***********114
Tact Medical Staffing******.***.;;**..**.1413.9
World Wide Travel Staffing*;;****.***;;**;****113.5
Alliant Medical Staffing*;*;*;;***;*;**;*;;.813.5
Travel Max**;;**;;*.;;;**;*;;;213.4
MSN Intelistaf Travel*******;**;;;;;;.;*;213.4
Anderson Bates (AB) Staffing;****;;;*;;;;;;;;;;;1213.3
HealthTrust Staffing;*;;*****;*;;;;;*;*;413.3
ATC Healthcare**;;**;;*;;*;**;;***213.2
Nightingale Nurses;*''*.***.**.;;;*;**313.2
American Mobile*;;;*;*;*;;;;*;;;;*;1313
Sagent HealthStaff*;;**.;;;;*;**;;;;;;1713
Adex Medical Staffing**;*;;*;;*;;.;;*;;*;312.7
Medical Express*******.*.*..*..*.*;312.5
American Traveler;;**;.;;;;;;;;;****;512.5
Independent Nurse Contractors**;;;;;;.;*;.*;;;;*;512.1
Alres Staffing;;;;;*;**;;;;;;;*;*;312
Onward Healthcare..***.*...******.*.*111.5
Advance Med*;;;;;;;;;;.;;;;;**;1011.2
Prolink Staffing.*;;.*;**;;***..***.110.8
Preferred Healthcare**..*...***.***..**.110.5
Nova Pro Staffing;***;;;;;;;;.;;;;;;;310.5
Meridian Medical*;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;310.2
Nurse Choice**;;;;.;*;.;;;;;;;;;29.5
Nurses PRN.***.****.*..**;*.*.39.3
Springboard Healthcare Staffing,;,;;*..*;*;.;;*;;;;29
Nurses RX****...****.*.......18.5
Bestaff Arcadia;;**;,;;;.;..;.;.;*;27
Advanced Surgical*****.*.**........*.17
Club Staffing*.**...**.*.*..*....13
Integrated Healthcare.*.**.*.*.;.;.*.....1
Updated 11/16/2017