The best of the best. HighwayHypodermics proudly  presents the “The Top Ten Companies For 2018.”  


Back in 2004, Epstein decided to rate travel nursing companies according to the benefits that they provided nurses.  This last year has been a tough one for the travel nursing industry.  

Many agencies have also increased their benefits, while some of decreased their benefits.  There have been a lot of changes since the list was first expanded from 10 to 21 over ten years ago; therefore, to get a better idea of the latest benefits, the benefits questionnaire changed to including insurance for domestic partners and same sex couples, help with traveling with pets, help in finding an RV park, and getting discounts at extended stays.  We have also increased the choices from a “yes” or “no” to some where in the middle. Related to this change, there have been a few companies that are still in between a Yes or Partial answer, so please check with the companies exact benefits.

2017 was a slower year for travel healthcare staffing, we saw quite a few mergers of companies, including one that affected our previous Top Ten Companies Rise Medical Staffing and IPI Travel, which have both been bought out by Advanced Travel Nursing. We have two new of our honorable mentions that have graduated to the Top Ten, FUSION Medstaff and PPR Travel Nursing. We even have a NEW #1 One!

There are 3 requirements to be a Top Ten Company:

  1. Have to have at least 20 company evaluations from 2012 through 2016.
  2. Must have an UPDATED list of benefits.
  3. Must have updated their profile within the last two years.

Highway Hypodermics takes pride in this list, and we will defend it’s honor! 

We check email validity and now have the capability to track IP addresses.  Any suspicious activity will be thoroughly investigated, and companies will NO LONGER be eligible for the list if found to be deceptive.  In fact, this year, we had two companies that were disqualified because of IP Addresses.  Companies also cannot attempt to buy their way in!  At this time, we have 3 companies that are banned from the list related to attempts made to deceive.  This list is calculated completely by the numbers.  There are some advertisers on the list, but not all on the list are paid advertisers, it all goes by the documented benefits & evaluations.  

To download the Top Ten Travel Companies, right click on “Download The Top Ten…” then click on “save as…” If you would to, you can just click on the file and read it online.  Just a reminder, this list can not be reproduced without permission from Epi(Kay) or John.

2018_Top Ten Travel Companies

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