Looking for a great recruiter?  Look no further!  We asked each recruiter how they would respond to the following situations:  Floating Flo, Baby Nurse Betty,  Nurse Roach, Nurse Asthmatic, and Nurse Roulette.  By reviewing each recruiter’s answer, you get a good idea of how they would handle many different situations.

Alysia from Fusion     Andy from Fusion   Amanda from Randstad     Anna from Cirrus     Annette from Freedom     Becca from Fusion    Becky from Cariant    Brandi from FlexRN     Brian from OneStaff  Brian from Advantage RN     Christie from Convergence     Dan from OneStaff     Diana from Atlas     Dixie from Remede     Emily from Randstad     Holly from Fusion     Jan from TRS     Joe from TaleMed     Joe from AllCare     Josh from OneStaff     Jess from Fusion     Jessica from Fusion     Joseph from Cirrus     Julie from MSSI     Kate from TaleMed    Keith from MSSI    Kyle from TaleMed    Leanne from PHP  Leslie from Fusion    Lisa from Cariant    Logan from OneStaff    Marty from Trinity     Matt from Fusion     Michael from Cariant     Michelle from PRCS     Melissa from MSSL     Melissa from PHP     Mo from Convergence     Nicole from Anders Group     Olivia from TNAA     Phil from CNS     Raquel from Fusion     Ron from Stat Staff     Ron from TrinityHSG    Ross from Fusion    Ross from TaleMed     Sara from Fusion     Shandon from Capability     Shelbie by Tailored     Stephanie from OneStaff    Taina from Fusion     Tamara from PHP     Tara from Trinity     Thea from Fusion     Thomas from Voyage        Tony from Fusion

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