There are over 4oo travel nursing companies out there.  It is our goal to provide to you the best of information about the companies so that you to make the best decision.

Travel Company Benefits – With so many travel companies out there, how is a nurse to pick the best one? We all place different values on different benefits; therefore, I have come up with a chart here to help you choose the right travel company for YOU!  This list is made up of the top 21 things that traveling professionals expressed knowing about a travel company.

Travel Company Profiles – The travel company profiles answers the questions about travel companies including:  the benefits they supply, whether or not they have a clinical liaison, what kind of opportunities they supply (LPN, OT, PT, SLP), the size of their company, how they assure nurses that they are treated as a name and not a number, and just what makes them difference from other travel companies.

Company Evaluations – This is for travelers in effort to give them a voice.  As we all know, not every company can be the best thing going for every nurse.  The travel company evaluations give traveling nurses the opportunity to tell others about your experience with that company.

Travel Hospital Evaluations – It was discussed to make a list of hospitals that frequently hire traveling nurses and rate them. These are the Hospital Evaluations that we have received.  This will be the accumulation of data from all forms filled out. The purpose of this list is for the travel nurse a better look at hospitals around the country. This is an accumulation of all nursing data acquired through our survey.

The Top Ten Travel Companies – a yearly list posted in January that list the top travel nursing companies related to the benefits they supply and their evaluations that travel nurses have been given.

Recruiter Shopping – Profiles of different recruiters so that you can make the right match.  Here we supplied each recruiter 5 incidents to see what they would do in those situations.  Read them carefully and then contact them by phone or email.

Referral Services – Highway Hypodermics also assists in getting your profile to our magnificent companies that support this site.  Your information is NOT sold to anyone, but is shared only with the great companies that we have allowed to advertise with us.