In New York, Hollywood, and Nashville award season has begun for all those who have entertained us all year.  In Grace, Omaha, and Sacramento, the award season has also begun for all those who have given nurses great assignments all year.

Every January since 2004,  Highway Hypodermics (HH) brought to the travel nursing world the first Top Ten Travel Companies.  This was a compilation of companies benefits and having a great profile.  Nurses would then vote for their favorite company.  Since then Highway Hypodermics has evolved into the Ten Ten being based on the number of benefits that travel companies provide for their nurses along with evaluations of those companies through out the year.

Some where along with way, Travel Nursing Central (TNC) decided to rank companies also using a medal system.  Their companies are also reviewed and evaluated by traveling nurses and then ranked into Gold, Silver, and Bronze level companies.  What is unique about TNC is that the traveler must have worked with the company within the last 13 weeks.  They also devised a system that rates this last year’s rankings greater than previous years.

Although both companies use different ranking systems, it is amazing how many companies land on both Top Ten Travel Company lists.  This year, the companies that made both list include:  Flexcare Medical Staffing, TotalMed Staffing, Talemed, Tailored Healthcare Staffing, and IPI Travel.

Companies that made TNC’s Top Ten and not HH’s include:  Fusion Medical Staffing, Travel Nurse across America, Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc, Medical Solutions, Emerald Heath Services, The Right Solutions, and Axis Medical Staffing.

Companies that made HH’s Top Ten and not TNCs include:  Health Providers Choice, Premier Healthcare Professionals, OneStaff Medical, Trinity Healthcare Staffing Group, PRCS, Atlas Medstaff, and PPR Travel Nursing.

Many healthcare professionals ask, “Which list is better?”  This is definitely a trick question!  Fans of Highway Hypodermics are of course going to say the HH List, while fans of Travel Nursing Central are going to say that TNC is better.  The truth is that the truth lies in the middle.  This is where Blue Pipes comes into play.

Kyle Schmidt, the author of, “The Truth About Travel Nursing,” penned an article that breaks down both lists and analyzes the differences and likenesses of each list.  Kyle is director of marketing and product for BluePipes, Inc., a healthcare professional networking site.  Their mission is simple: provide healthcare professionals with unique career management tools to help them manage their careers more efficiently and successfully.  Part of their management tools include an excellent blog.  

Check out his amazing article here:  The Best Travel Nursing Companies 2016