Florence NightingaleRecently I was asked by Fastaff to write an article about a nurse who has inspired me.  My first thoughts were of the travel nurse from South Dakota whom I worked with in Oklahoma.  

For the life of me, I can’t remember her name, but I do remember all of her exciting stories about how she traveled around the United States working at different nursing homes.  It was then that I first started exploring the idea of becoming a travel nurse.  I started getting experiences in all kinds of fields, because I didn’t want to be limited on where I could go related to the fact that “Hawaii only has ER positions”.   Since that time, I have worked on telemetry, medical, surgical, intensive care, rehabilitation, step-down, and emergency departments.  In 2010, I put all that experience together and starting working full time as a house supervisor, and the rest is history…

Yeah, that’s a nice story, but then I got to thinking, “Who was the first travel nurse?”

Then is dawned on me, the first travel nurse with worldwide recognition was born 195 years ago on May 12, 1820.  In 1845 an English scholar named, Florence made her maiden voyage from England to Germany to begin her studies in nursing medicine.  After completing school, she returned to England to begin her work as a nurse.  After 9 years of practicing in the nursing profession, Florence was recruited by Sidney Herbert to travel to the country of Turkey.  Her first assignment start in November of 1854.  On this assignment, she concentrated on efforts to increase “germ-control” by the simple act of handwashing.  Other practices of sanitizing and cleansing would be instituted.  After flushing out sewers and ventilating the rooms, the mortality rate decreased from 42% to 2%.  It was also during this assignment that she became known as, “The Lady with the Lamp.”

My question to you is?  “Who has inspired you the most as a travel nurse?”  Please leave your comments below!!!


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*Information related to Florence Nightingale retrieved by Creative Commons Compatible License as afforded by Wikipedia