Today the snow is falling on my North Central Washington farm. Everything is buried beneath this chilly white blanket. To make matters worse, the man who used to be my favorite weatherman is predicting more falling-both of the thermometer and the snow-for the coming weekend.

I look with wanderlust to yesteryear when I could skedaddle away from cold or hot or whatever I didn’t like because I was one of a kind: a free spirit, a gypsy, a travel nurse!

I have loved planting roots! I’ve loved being married to my farmer, watching my daughter raise her animals and knowing she would be in the same school district. However, there will always be a part of my heart that listens to the call. A part of me still dreams of loading the car with nothing more than a half dozen uniforms, an iron, a vacuum cleaner and a 13″ TV and heading off to parts unknown.

Is it the snow that has stirred today’s disquiet? Or perhaps it was the book I reviewed for a fellow author this week. Florida travel nurses, you simply MUST be on the look out for Kathleen Wells book “Florida’s Phantoms”. This fascinating book discusses all the places to see in Florida. She also talks about many of the haunts and where to find them.

I never made it to Florida as a travel nurse-a decision I now regret. The ex-husband was afraid of alligators and Disney World.

Well, I know spring will come. I will be thankful to be planted, rooted and stable when spring brings babies to the farm. I’ll be happy I’m not going anywhere when summer brings fresh vegetables to the garden, and my strawberry planter yields more fresh strawberries than we can eat. I’ll enjoy the unequaled sunsets of our valley from my swing set in the memory garden we’ve planted through the balmy breezes of fall. But when the snow starts falling on the mountains, I suspect my thoughts will return to Katy’s book and that little ember of wanderlust will heat up.

One day the daughter will be grown. The animals on the farm will gradually go away. Then the husband and I, with Katy’s book in hand, will wander off to Florida for a winter. I’ll still be young enough to work. So watch for me. Old travel nurses may take a break, but the call of highways yet untraveled, places yet unseen, could always bring them back.

by Melissa S. James, RN, Author of “American Woman, American Stong” and “Stolen In The Storm”