travel company referralGet a referral to the travel nursing companies affiliated with this website.  Choosing a travel company can be very difficult with over 400 travel nursing companies competing for nurses.  

The following form can be used to send your information to those companies affiliated to this website via referral.  Some websites are not upfront with gathering leads, but we are not like them!  We want to be totally transparent in the fact that your information is ONLY sent to the travel companies that advertise with Highway Hypodermics (the advertisers can be seen on the left and right of this site).  We do NOT require a phone number related to the fact that Epstein is a night nurse also and hates the 2pm phone call!   On the other hand, we do require an email address so that companies can quietly contact you in the middle of the day, and you can answer them at night without waking them up  🙂

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