EvaluationThe greatest information is gained by getting information from all kinds of resources via questionnaires.

The following is the questionnaires that help provide quality and up-to-date information to traveling nurses from travel companies, recruiters, and other travelers.

Travel Company Referrals – Choosing a travel company can be very difficult with over 400 travel nursing companies competing for nurses. The following form can be used to send your information to those companies affiliated to this website via referral.

Travel Company Profile Interview – This gives the companies a chance to tell you, the traveling nurse, all about what they offer to the travel nursing community including extra benefits they provide and what makes them different the all the other companies out there.  

Travel Company Benefits – There are so many travel nursing companies out there… the choices are virtually unlimited! Here is your chance to answer the question that travel nurses want to know about your benefits. This form is used to place you into a spot on “The Ultimate List Of Travel Companies” webpage.

Travel Company Evaluations – Have a travel company that left you out in the cold? This is the place for travelers to give their opinion about their travel company!

Travel Nurse Stories – In the quest for truth in travel nursing, Epstein created this nurse story form as an input device for her next book in the “Highway Hypodermics” series. These stories will also be posted online.

Travel Recruiter Interview – Best recruiters, let the nurses know exactly what you would do when things get tough! Do you stick is out and stand by your nurse, or have the attitude, “They make the big bucks, let them figure it out. I’m more interested in my companies bottom line.”

Travel Hospital Evaluations – The purpose of this list is for the travel nurse a better look at hospitals around the country.  The sole purpose of this is not to degrade a hospital, but for travel nurses to express their honest hospital evaluation.