I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years, and I thought that I knew everything about empowering myself as a nurse, and of course, everything about empowering myself as a traveling nurse.  

Though I thought that I had it all figured out, Elizabeth brought forth several ideas that I didn’t even come close to thinking of!  Some of these concepts include:
·         She has been in the trenches and knows that all that you learned in nursing school really isn’t really how it is like in the real world of nursing.
·        Elizabeth brings the world of technology into nursing, and asks the question of are we taking care of patients or are we trying to figure out what to chart in the computer.
·         She illustrates how you, the nurse can make a change in a patient’s life, the unit’s health8, and the hospital’s prosperity.
·         Elizabeth teaches you how to use your critical thinking skills as a copying mechanism for everyday nursing projects and problems.
·         She expresses the importance of team work on a nursing floor, and how we should cover each other instead of blaming each other for things that don’t get done.
·         Elizabeth brings up the point of living in the moment and taking control of your nursing career.
·         She teaches us on how to let go of the simple things.  As my mother has always told me, “Pick Your Battles.”
·         Elizabeth teaches you that you are human and you make mistakes, but you have to live and let go, related to the fact that no one is perfect.
·         She teaches you to learn from your experiences.  Good or bad, something can be learned from every shift, and if you’re a travel nurse, every assignment!
·         Elizabeth provides you the roadmap for getting back to your nursing desires, your true heart’s  desires, which come from within.
·         She teaches you that before you can really put 100% into your patient’s, you must put 100% into yourself!

If you want to be a mediocre nurse then go ahead and by pass this book ,but if you want to strengthen your inner aspects of quality nursing, this book is a must to purchase!  You can purchase it through Amazon HERE.