As nurses, we spend 8 to 12 hours a day providing care to those who are sick, have been traumatized, or even dying.  

Fastaff believes that it takes a special person to be compassionate and empathize with those that are suffering. This often goes unrecognized in our world of healthcare.

In the Miss America contest, Kelley Johnson, stood in front of an audience and shared her talent of taking care of patient’s in a hospital setting.  Nursing truly is not just a job, but a career.  Something that we have dedicated our lives to… the talents of care and compassion.  This also remind’s me of the time that Hilary Clinton attempted a few hours on a nursing floor.  She quickly realized that a nurses job is a lot tougher than it seems from the outside.

Fastaff is celebrating those talents with their new #NursePraiseLove Giveaway.  We have all had that one patient that made a difference in our lives and careers.  During the next few weeks, Fastaff is inviting all nurses to share your story!  By sharing your story you will be bringing hope and encouragement to all nurses around the United States and even beyond.

Just by filling out the survey found at, you will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card from Southwest Airlines!

Nurses are frequently unsung heroes, so help us sing their praises using the hashtag #NursePraiseLove!  You have until November 6th to submit your story….  don’t wait until it’s too late!!!