Practicing nurse, Irene Fulmer, reflects on the transformational powers of nursing

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 01, 2014:  In today’s society, it appears there is a medication for everything. However, those who work with the sick know the impact daily love, patience and hard work has on healing.
In her new book, “Transform Your Soul: Reflections of a Nurse on Compassion, Healing, and Divine Power,” author and practicing nurse Irene Fulmer shares her personal experiences as a nurse and the transformational powers that accompanied her career.
Throughout her book Fulmer opens the window to what often goes unseen by honoring nurses for their caring message they bring to the sick and dying daily.
“Nurses are the hands that touch and the voices that bring the message of caring to the sick and dying,” said Fulmer. “They are the key to every kind of healing, for compassion is the true healer within each of us.”
Through numerous inspirational stories readers will be compelled to follow these nurses’ examples and embrace the healing power of compassion in their own lives.
“Transform Your Soul: Reflections of a Nurse on Compassion, Healing, and Divine Power” 
By: Irene Fulmer 
ISBN: 978-1491716700 
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iUniverse online bookstores
About the author:  Irene Fulmer is a registered nurse as well as the developer of the Complementary Integrative Medicine Program at the North Shore Hospital in Plainview, New York. Fulmer resides on Long Island where she enjoys spending time with her son, daughter and four grandchildren.