Christmas In Nashville

Christmas In Nashville

The times of waking up at 4am to see if Santa has come yet are long gone.  It has all been replaced by memories of Christmas in California, Mississippi, Florida, Washington, and South Carolina.

This year, husband and I are currently in Southern California while our families are spread out through Oklahoma, Utah, and Washington states.  Although there are thousands of miles between us for the holidays, I strive to make the best of it by finding other ways to celebrate with friends and other travel nurses in the area.  

It is quite common to find a travel nurse that has the day off and puts on a small feast or potluck for other travelers that are without their family.  These groups can be easily found by using social networking.

Here are ten different ways that you too can bring a little Happiness into your holidays!

  1. Celebrate your life as a traveling nurse!
  2. Volunteer your time at a local shelter, church, or visit the local nursing home.
  3. Give yourself a special gift to remember where you were for “Christmas 2015.”
  4. Explain again to your family that you love travel nursing, and that not being there for the holidays is just one of the sacrifices we have to make.
  5. Remember that your patients are not happy about being in the hospital for the holidays either! Make them smile and you’ll be smiling!
  6. Participate in the hospital and/or your travel company’s holiday parties as much as possible.
  7. Make out your Christmas cards with a special “newsletter” on your travels for the last year.
  8. Find area gifts to send back to your family. Since you can’t go there, send them a little of your assignment!
  9. Enjoy community holiday celebrations such as Christmas Parades or Holiday Bazaars.
  10. Spend time with friends that you have made while on assignment. Plan a special “girls night out” and go to the ballet or a special Christmas program.

Smile, be cheerful, and remember that you’re making that holiday pay and that you ARE making a difference in other people’s lives by sacrificing your family holiday!