Before you buy a new camera, think about some of the features. Most people in the market for a digital camera have at least one computer at home. It isn’t a necessity, as many of the camera companies also sell special printers that interface with the camera. In that situation you can print your pictures without using a separate computer. If you have a computer, then you’re in luck. You can load the pictures from the camera to your PC and manipulate them with the aid of photo software. When they look like you want them to, then upload them to a picture sharing program or website and share them with family and friends. All of you will have the option of printing the pictures as well.

Cameras are unique because of their various specifications. The first thing to consider is mega-pixels. This term refers to the number of pixels a camera can take when set at its highest resolution. You can buy a camera ranging from 2.0 mega-pixels, clear up to 12 mega-pixels. Most average consumers wouldn’t need to waste money on models featuring more than 4.0 mega-pixels. The higher resolutions are for professional photographers or someone who wanted to blow their pictures up to an extra large size. A camera with 3.0 to 4.0 mega-pixels will allow you to take and print beautiful, clear pictures.

You also want to decide on the type of zoom you want your camera to have. You can find digital or optical zoom. Of the two, optical is far superior. With digital zoom, you often get pictures that are grainy. Since optical zoom is more expensive, don’t buy it unless you know you will use it.

You may want to purchase extra memory by getting a memory card. Often the internal memory isn’t enough, especially if you’re taking a trip. Without the card, you may end up with only 30 pictures or so. Memory cards aren’t prohibitive in cost, and with it you will be able to store hundreds of pictures.

Most digital cameras feature software to let you play with the appearance of your pictures. For example you can change a color photo to black and white or sepia. If you buy a higher end camera the software will allow you to do things like editing people or objects out of the shot.

Hopefully, this information helped you understand digital photography better. Often we are intimidated by new technology, but these cameras are great! They really are easy to use and you deserve to treat yourself.

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