During my assignments I’m always asked, “What do you want for a Christmas gift?”  In these times we neither have room for a lot a presents and people don’t have a lot of money to give presents (including us nurses), so I have scoured the internet for some great economical travel gifts that can be either given or received by the travel nurse that are not just your “run-of-the-mill” gifts.

  1. Travel Stickers for your luggage: You can get map stickers, vintage stickers, and even outdoor stickers.
  2. Travel journals: These can range from ones that your write in about your adventures to a journal that keeps tabs on postcards.
  3. Digital photo album: allows you to  add a background to your photos and then embellish them with art, text, and tags.
  4. Scrapbook kits usually include travel themed stickers, alphabet sheets, photo mounts, journaling strips, ribbons, and tags. Pick out your favorite photos to embellish then use as a coffee table book.
  5. Puzzle kits: Send a picture in and have a puzzle made out of it.  A unique idea to remember your last assignment piece by piece!
  6. Christmas cards: Take time out to take a special picture near the big Christmas tree or other downtown holiday landmark and make your own Christmas cards!
  7. Tree Ornaments: I have a smaller tree, but on it contains several ornaments from family and friends.  If you have just one special one for each relative it would bring them closer to you and doesn’t take up much suitcase room.
  8. Travel wine tote: Several wine totes that I found have  glasses, napkins, a waiter’s tool with corkscrew, and a separate insulated compartment to keep your wine at its correct temperature.
  9. Travel gifts baskets: One of the baskets that I viewed had a small map, travel personal items, acetaminophen, small makeup kit, travel clock, and a small manicure kit.  This could also include small items found at your assignment like sea shells, assorted golf balls from several courses, souvenirs from the area, or maybe a sample of local candy.
  10. Personal Pocket Language translator: On one website, I found a very inexpensive one that could translate up to fifteen different languages.  Would be a great gift for someone who loves to do international travel.
  11. Ultra-violet toothbrush carrier: uses a germicidal ultraviolet light to sanitize your toothbrush in a handy little carrying case.
  12. And just when I had thought I’d seen it all… I found the doggie booster seat!  This booster seat has a quilted nylon cover, topped with faux lambs wool, is easily removed from the foam core for machine washing. There’s even a storage tray for treats or other pet needs.

 I truly hope that list will give you some inspiration for that last minute gift shopping.  May each and everyone of my loyal readers have a very Merry Christmas.  May the Lord truly bless you and keep you safe through your next year of traveling!