A great idea for the vacation of your life is to go sailing. Think of the possibilities. The earth is made up primarily of water, so the opportunities are practically endless. One destination is the Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Washington state and British Columbia. If you’re a novice, you can learn and holiday at the same time. The views off the San Juan and Gulf Islands are truly spectacular. From May to October you can learn to sail with a qualified instructor for as little as $950. When you’ve completed your course, you’ll be ready to make your next vacation a sailing one.

The San Juan and Gulf Islands are amazingly beautiful and the many sheltered coves will greet you with their stunning geography. This area of the Pacific is often referred to as the Pacific Northwest’s banana belt and for a good reason. The climate is mild and the scenery resplendent of a more tropical area of the world.

While you are learning to sail you can enjoy several activities on shore such as visits to small villages, a beer at a local inn, stops at remote islands, and a luxurious massage at a local spa. If you keep your eyes open while you are sailing along you may be able to spot an Orca whale that is passing by since this area of the world is home to these amazing whales. Other wildlife that you should keep your eyes open for are otters, bald eagles, seals, porpoises, and other birds of the ocean.

Most sailing vacations offer great accommodation while you are onboard. This sailing vacation in Washington and British Columbia won’t disappoint you. One sailing ship will accommodate four guests in the two double guest cabins. You’ll enjoy meals prepared by an onboard chef when you’re not stopping at one of the many onshore restaurants. This vacation is great for the first time sailor who is trying to get his feet wet before traveling to wilder waters and far away ports.

If you want foreign waters and more sun, consider taking a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands, located in the Caribbean Ocean. It’s a perfect place for a romantic vacation, whether you’re a newlywed or a couple seeking a memorable getaway. The air is warm from the continually sunny days and the waters are clear and soothing. You can take a swim followed by a lovely on-deck nap. Your chef will serve you a delectable lunch as well. For the time of your life, take one of these magical sailing vacations in the British Virgin Islands.

Written by Mac Harrison, the chief editor for Sailing Etc. For more articles on Sailing why not visit: http://www.sailinge.com/articles